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Four Winds Manor Photo Cards

Many of our garden club members enjoy taking photos, which are used to create photo cards. Over the last 5 years during the holiday season in November club members get together to create cards for the residents of Four Winds Manor in Verona.

Club members write greetings in each card and include a bookmark and notepad in each envelope. Cards are delivered to Four Winds Manor the first and second week of December. Each year the number of cards has grown to over 60 cards in 2023. Residents have expressed their joy in receiving these cards.

SRG Plant Sale

Each year the garden club members hold a plant sale in Verona for the community to be able to purchase perennials, annuals, house plants, photo cards, garden art, garden tools, etc.  Members provide plants from their personal gardens as well as those started from seed. 

This event provides an opportunity for garden club members to answer attendees’ questions as well as it provides a means of introducing the garden club to Verona and nearby residents.

This event is Sugar River Gardeners main fundraiser used to operate and maintain the club, provide events for members and the community and sponsor a scholarship through the Madison chapter of the Wisconsin Garden Club Federation.

Verona Community Edible Gardens

SRG members plant and manage the 3 edible garden areas in local Verona parks including Central Park, Harriett Park and Hometown Junction.  On any given day in the spring and summer you can find herbs and veggies available to the public. 

Neighborhood residents and passersby often comment on how wonderful the gardens are and purposely go out of their way to view, pick and enjoy what is growing.  Local residents also volunteer to assist the garden club in maintaining the gardens by helping to water and check produce.

Every spring club members cultivate and blend new growing medium consisting of soil, compost and composted rabbit manure to ensure the gardens have all the nutrients they need for a healthy and beautiful growing season.

Harriet Park - Verona Wisconsin

Central Park - Verona Wisconsin

Hometown Junction - Verona Wisconsin

Verona Civic Beautification Award

Every year the club recognizes homes that exhibit exceptional pride in ownership through well-maintained and extraordinary landscaping of their property.  In early July members start scouting Verona neighborhoods for gardens that have some or all aspects of the following criteria:

  • Curb appeal
  • Variety of plants
  • Contrast of plants
  • A well-maintained garden
  • Balance of color, texture and height

At the end of July, the winning garden is presented with the Civic Beautification Award and followed up with an article in the Verona Press. Award winners receive a one-year membership to the club and a certificate.

Verona Thompson Park Project

This project began as the Master Gardener volunteer hours for club member Judy Cresson.  She asked the club to assist in improving this city park that has been somewhat overlooked.  She cleared an area at the top of the ravine of weeds.  Club members donated and planted hostas and other shade loving plants to cover the area.  The city cooperated by planting grass last spring in the level area that had been overgrown with weeds. 

At the corner of the park with the park sign, Judy Cresson arranged for the city to cover the bare area under the large tree with wood chips.  The Sugar River Gardeners Club then had club member Garth Larson build a Little Library and place it in that area under the tree.

Area before planting

Area after planting